Announcing Stanley Energy and Free Resources

Announcing Stanley Energy Stanley Elevator is proud to announce the launch of Stanley Energy. Our extensive experience in elevator installation and service has brought us to an overall understanding of how to make buildings better. For this reason, Stanley Elevator has put its resources and reputation behind other initiatives that will continue to save our […]Read More

Three Ways to Save Money from Elevator Modernization

Elevator modernization can save you money, increase the value of your property, improve safety, comply with local codes, save energy and increase the flow of traffic in your building. In this post, we’ll cover three specific types of elevator modernization and show how they can save you money. Motor Drive Replacement Earlier versions of motor […]Read More

Lack of Elevator Maintenance Leads to Fire in Charlotte, MI

Last month in Charlotte, MI, an elevator full of soybeans destined for Japan caught fire. The wooden grain elevator blaze began around 8am and caused a three-hour delay on a westbound Amtrak train from East Lansing to Chicago. Traffic on the main road outside of the facility was shut down until 4:30pm. According to the […]Read More

Stanley Elevator Now Installing Green Elevator Cabs

Stanley Elevator Company is the exclusive distributor for ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Maine, New Hampshire, and northeastern Massachusetts. As a representative of the ThyssenKrupp product line, we are proud to announce that we will be installing elevator cabs that comply with the strict requirements of CA 01350 for low VOC emitting materials. Improving the indoor air […]Read More

New Elevator Inspection Law Subjects Owners to $1,000 per Day Fine!

Did you know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can fine building owners $1,000 per day if they operate an uninspected elevator? Back in May, 2011 the Massachusetts State Legislature approved a budget amendment that requires a valid inspection certificate before operating any elevator or escalator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The penalty for failure to […]Read More

Stanley Executive Manuals Offer Free Elevator Design Information

Stanley Elevator is pleased to offer elevator design help for architects and general contractors through our newly updated Executive Manuals. These complimentary binders are packed with brochures, product literature, helpful illustrations, and project checklists to make your next elevator project smooth and successful. For architects and contractors who work in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and […]Read More

Stanley Elevator Company Celebrates 60 Years We would like to thank the many employees and customers who have made Stanley such a great Company! Merrimack Patch– Stanley Elevator Company, Inc., a company founded and based in southern New Hampshire, is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2012. Although elevators are rarely top of mind among the general public, over the decades […]Read More

Elevator Maintenance For Smooth Transportation – In Greater Boston

Can you imagine your building without an elevator? Most people cannot. This is why proper elevator maintenance is a necessity. Choosing the right company for the maintenance of your building’s elevator will be connected to various benefits. Reliability and High Quality of Elevator Maintenance The first and most obvious one is reliability. The elevator will […]Read More

Why You Need An Elevator Repair Company

Elevator companies perform many tasks such as installation, modernization and service of elevators. Managing the elevator inspection is one of the most important reasons to contract a qualified elevator repair company. Elevator Inspections Mandated by Law Elevator Inspections are mandated by law in most jurisdictions in the United States. Laws may differ by state, or […]Read More