Elevator Inspection Requirements

From Installation Inspection to Annual Inspections for the Life of Your Systems: Stay Up to Code with Stanley Elevator

Elevator inspection requirements vary from state to state across New England, location to location, and depend on a number of factors including the type of elevator (such as hydraulic or traction), the age of the elevator system, and previous history of repairs or code violations. In some cases, even federal and state requirements may vary as well.

An elevator inspection is required when the system is initially installed, naturally, to ensure the elevator will function properly and safely when in use. In the New England states we serve, post-installation elevator inspections are required:

  • Massachusetts – At least once per year, and immediately following elevator alterations. For residential elevators in owner-occupied, single-family homes, every five years after installation.
  • New Hampshire – Every twelve months (1 year) on the anniversary date of the elevator’s installation.
  • Rhode Island – Once a year following elevator installation.
  • Maine – Once a year following elevator installation.

Wondering About Your Specific Elevator Inspection Requirements?

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