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America’s Best-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs


We commonly associate hefty paychecks with briefcases and neckties – but it turns out there’s plenty of money to be earned by those who sport hard hats and coveralls. This may be surprising considering the gradual decline of union memberships over the years and the fragile state of America’s workforce, but plenty of talented and skilled blue-collar workers earn six figures doing electrical work, repair jobs, and other labor intensive trades. In Pictures: America’s Best-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs …


Eleven questions to ask before hiring an elevator maintenance company


Not all elevator companies are cut from the same mold and it is important as a property manager that you know what you are getting for your elevator maintenance fees. The following lists some questions you should ask before signing a contract with a new elevator maintenance company:
1. Has the company provided training to the mechanic for your type of elevator equipment? The value to hiring an elevator maintenance company for your elevator is that they have …