Designing & Planning Support Services

Our ability to provide premium customer service sets us apart from the competition. You will get to personally know the people working on your project because our design and project management team is local with easy access to jobsites anywhere in New England.

We take pride in the projects we work on from the planning stage to the final turnover of the elevator system to the owner. Our design team has decades of experience in the elevator industry and are be happy to help you plan a system to meet your requirements, state elevator code requirements, and our exceedingly high standards.

We provide the following planning and design services
  • Detailed pit sketches prior to the approval process.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) elevator layouts specifically designed for your project.
  • Entrance details and specifications.
  • Signal Fixture layouts.
  • Detailed cab drawings.
  • Additional information provided to help you design and plan your project
    • Work by other trades list to help define responsibilities for a successful installation and state test.
    • Electrical data for fuse and disconnect switch sizing.
    • Code information on commonly neglected requirements.
  • Other important information including: pit ladder, fire rated wall assemblies, volume table, etc.
    • Hoist way ventilation details with recommended manufacturer.
    • Smoke detector schematics to ensure code compliance.
    • Work in progress punch list to help make the installation ready to successfully pass the State test.
    • Rail bracket mounting details to integrate with your hoistway construction.
    • Current manufacturer color charts.
  • Field Coordination Services
    • Our experienced team is always available to coordinate our work with other trades to facilitate overall project success.
  • Material Storage and Delivery
    • We have state of the art warehouse facilities to provide safe storage of your material until delivered to a job site.
    • We have a well maintained fleet of delivery vehicles and forklifts so that equipment delivery will not delay progress on your project.
  • Order Department
    • Our Order Team ensures you receive the proper material and provides an up to date equipment shipping timeline so all equipment is delivered according to your project schedule.