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Elevator Modernization

Elevator Modernization Services

There comes a time when costly repairs are no longer the best option.

If your commercial elevators are wasting energy, continuously breaking down or operating slower than usual, it’s time for an elevator modernization plan. Past a certain point, repairs are no longer an option as parts become obsolete and a more significant upgrade is necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

Modernization is a cost-effective alternative to full equipment replacement, and offers benefits such as:

  1. Lower energy bills thanks to more efficient technologies and systems.
  2. Cost savings and fewer inconveniences due to avoiding downtime for repairs.
  3. Enhanced passenger ride quality with smoother acceleration and deceleration, as well as minimal noise and vibration.
  4. Improved passenger safety through updated features, enhanced communication and standards that meet all current codes.
  5. An increase to the value of your building with more modern, updated equipment.
  6. Space savings from modern motors, drives and controllers that generally have smaller footprints.

Our team of technicians has modernized hundreds of elevators in our more than 74 years in business, and we take great pride in helping our customers improve passenger safety and add value to their buildings.

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Elevator Modernization

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Mechanical Upgrades

No matter the make or model of your elevators, we can help you make significant mechanical upgrades to cut costs and improve efficiency.

During an initial field survey, we’ll assess the condition of your elevators and recommend whether it’s better to retain, modernize or replace your equipment. If modernization is the best option, our team will implement the latest technology to provide greater reliability, comfort, efficiency, code compliance and safety for you and your passengers.

When assessing your elevators, our technicians will examine the following parts and components before providing modernization recommendations.

Hydraulic Elevators

  1. Control Systems
  2. Fixtures
  3. Power Unit
  4. Jack Assembly
  5. Control Valve
  6. Overspeed/Pipe Rupture Valve
  7. Silencer
  8. Car Sling/Platform
  9. Guide Shoes
  10. Buffers
  11. Door Operators

Geared or Gearless Traction Elevators

  1. Hoisting Machine
  2. Hoisting Motor
  3. Motor Generator Set
  4. Control Systems and Fixtures
  5. Buffers
  6. Guide Shoes
  7. Safety
  8. Solid State Drive Units Brake Assembly
  9. Rope Brake
  10. Door Operators
  11. Car Sling/Platform
  12. Overspeed Governor/Governor Rope Tension Sheave Assembly
  13. Counterweight, Frame and Fillers

Permit & Code Requirements

Every state requires a permit or official notification before elevator modernization work can start. Most importantly, all elevator modernization work must be done by licensed elevator mechanics; work that isn’t completed by a licensed company could result in your elevators not passing inspection.

We will take care of the permit process and arrange state tests for you, as part of our elevator modernization services. We’re also happy to work with other necessary contractors to ensure that your fire alarm, HVAC and electrical systems are in full operation with your elevators.

Interior Cab Upgrades

Many of our elevator modernization projects also include interior cab renovations. Using pre-manufactured items for cost efficiency or customized options for a distinct design, a cab renovation can include upgrades to:

  1. Ceiling Panels
  2. Lighting
  3. Buttons
  4. Wall Panels
  5. Pads
  6. Handrails and Bumpers
  7. Flooring
  8. Doors
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Elevator Modernization Cost Savings

Modernizing an elevator can increase the value of your property, decrease energy consumption and improve overall safety. Here’s a look at some of the most substantial cost savings to be had:

Solid State Drives and Starters
Solid state drives and starters are more energy efficient and reduce the wear and tear on your elevator motor.
Modern AC digital drives eliminate the need to convert to DC power, and only consume power when the elevator is running. By generating less heat and consuming less power, this elevator modernization can reduce annual energy costs. Converting a DC motor to an AC motor is often done at the same time as the motor drive replacement. Elevators with this upgrade require less energy and emit less heat, which can lower electricity bills and reduce BTU loading.

Smart Controllers
Modern elevator digital controllers use advanced algorithms to boost energy efficiency. By continuously scanning all activity and reassigning calls as necessary, new hoist motors and modern controllers can reduce electrical usage.

Our 8-Step Elevator Cab Modernization Process

Step 1: Site Visit
In a visit to your building, we’ll examine your elevators to identify any issues and opportunities for upgrades. We’ll also discuss your project goals and timeline.

Step 2: Proposal
Based on our findings from the site visit, we will deliver a scope of work and proposal that details our recommendations for modernization.

Step 3: In-Depth Survey
When the contract is signed, our team will visit your elevators again for a comprehensive survey. This process typically takes a few hours per elevator.

Step 4: Ordering
We’ll order all necessary parts, tools and equipment for your project. You’ll have final approval of everything before any orders are placed. Depending on the number of elevators and the complexity of the project, receiving these items could take between 10 to 12 weeks.

Step 5: Internal Staging
Your new elevator equipment will be delivered to our warehouse and internally staged to ensure that everything is ready for installation. We store everything for you in our warehouse, so there’s no need to worry about where to keep the equipment in your building.

Step 6: Installation
We’ll pack up our truck with your equipment and head to your location. The installation process for a hydraulic elevator can take between 3 to 5 weeks; a traction elevator installation can be 5 weeks or longer.

Step 7: Testing & Final Inspections
We’ll run extensive tests, perform our final internal reviews and coordinate official state approval for your new elevators.

Step 8: Final Walkthrough
Once your elevators are inspected and approved by the state, they are ready for use. We won’t consider your project complete until you’re satisfied.


Developing an elevator plan is a crucial first step in any project, whether you’re installing a new elevator or modernizing existing ones. The team at Stanley Elevator understands that lead-time is often an issue when it comes to these in depth, comprehensive plans, which is why we implement a fast-track process that ensures that your project not only adheres to time constraints, but stays on budget as well.

Our 5-Year Capital Plan is designed to ensure you experience an increasing return on investment while providing value right out of the gate.  Before the construction process even begins, we’ll take care of the initial evaluation and put together a package so the property managers or contracting company can accurately budget for it.

The long-term benefits of partnering with Stanley Elevator means 24/7/365 access to preventative maintenance and repair. With our active mobile inventory of over 1,200 parts and over 7,000 part numbers on-site, building managers can rest assured a quick fix is just a phone call away. We’re more than just consultants; we’re your partners from day one.


No matter your modernization needs, an elevator plan is only the beginning and our team is ready to stand with you at every step of the journey. From our locations in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire, we provide a range of elevator design, installation, repair, maintenance, and consultation services in cities like Boston, Worcester, Providence, Augusta, Bangor, Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester, Portland, and more.

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