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Elevator Cab Renovation

Elevator Cab Renovations & Remodeling

Your elevators can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Are your elevator cabs showing signs of wear or looking a bit outdated? Or maybe they are more of an eye-sore than a complement to your building’s aesthetic?

It might be time for an elevator cab renovation. If your elevator cabs aren’t up to par, let Stanley Elevator’s renovation team get to work. We’ll transform the look and feel of your elevators to help you add value to your building, update your aesthetic and impress your tenants, residents and visitors.

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How Would You Like to Renovate Your Elevators?

The interior of an elevator cab can be renovated using pre-manufactured options for a cost and time-effective solution, or custom options for unlimited design opportunities.

Ceiling Panels: You’ll typically see suspended plastic laminate or mirrored stainless steel if you look up. However, satin bronze, mirror bronze and aluminum frames can also be used to achieve a more elegant look.

Lighting: Upgrade incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED systems for better energy efficiency. Choose from recessed lighting, downlights or vertical columns.

Buttons: No matter the button shape or color you select, the control panel should feature buttons that are code compliant and easy to read.

Wall Panels: The interior walls of an elevator cab can be finished with materials like:

  1. Translucent stone
  2. Metals like stainless steel and bronze
  3. Wood in shades anywhere from a light sycamore to a dark mahogany
  4. Stone such as granite, marble and onyx
  5. Glass and mirrors
  6. Plastic laminates available in wood, solid and pattern styles

Pads: Elevator pads can also help protect the wall panels.

Handrails & Bumpers: Handrails and bumpers can be made using stainless steel, wood and bronze. You can also select the shape, with the most common options being flat, rectangular, round and oval profiles.

Flooring: The most important feature of your elevator’s flooring is that it can support the necessary amount of traffic. Some popular options for elevator flooring material include tile, carpet, vinyl, rubber and stone.

Doors: Common material upgrades to elevator doors include stainless steel and bronze. Many applications can feature mirror finishing or design skins to incorporate different colors and patterns for a more intriguing look.

Not sure what needs to be renovated? During a site visit, our team will recommend an elevator cab renovation plan that fits your building and budget.

Code & Safety Considerations

Your state may have specific requirements that the interior of an elevator needs to meet in order to be fully code-compliant. For example, permits are required for elevator cab renovations in Massachusetts (but we’ll take care of all that for you).

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also has several guidelines that our team follows to ensure that your elevators are always accessible. These requirements include:

  1. Audible signals and verbal announcements to indicate the travel path of the elevator.
  2. Two-way communicators within the cab for the hearing and vision-impaired.
  3. Call buttons and keypads must be located at 54 inches maximum above the floor and be measured to the centerline of the highest operating part.
  4. Each call button must be raised and at least 3/4 inch in dimension.

Our Preferred Vendors

Roy Elevator Cab Interiors


Hamilton Cab


Draper Elevator Interiors


Our 6-Step Elevator Cab Renovation Process

While every elevator cab will have a custom approach, we follow a tried-and-true foundation for every renovation project.

Step 1: Site Visit
We’ll take a look at your elevators, get an idea of your vision and goals, and discuss potential timelines. If your elevator cab renovation is part of a bigger project, like a lobby redesign, we’ll discuss the scope of work with your contractor or architect.

Step 2: Quote
You’ll receive a custom quote that includes options (and alternate options) for panel colors, finishes, materials and other features of your project.

Step 3: Measurements
Once the contract is signed, we will stop by for final measurements. We’ll also compile a submittal package that includes drawings, finishes, samples of laminates and other detail. You’ll be able to make changes and will always have final approval.

Step 4: Vendor Collaboration
We’ll work with our preferred vendors to create the new features of your elevator cab. This process can take between 6 to 14 weeks, depending on how custom your project is.

Step 5: Installation
When we receive everything from the vendor, it’s time to install! This process can take anywhere from one day to a week, depending on the level of customization.

Step 6: Final Walkthrough
The last step is a final walkthrough. We won’t consider your project complete until you sign off on the final project.

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