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Elevator Cab Renovation

The elevator cab remodeling company you can count on to design and install an amazing cab interior with functional updates and timeless style.

Nothing adds more to the daily experience of a building’s occupants than to undertake a cab renovation complete with remodeling services from Stanley Elevator.

Why might your elevator need a cab renovation or remodeling? Because your elevator’s appearance is nearly as important as its functionality. Customers and tenants won’t think fondly of your company or building if your elevator cabs are poorly designed or out of date from a style standpoint. If your cabs aren’t up to par, improving the aesthetics of your cab can improve the customer experience and the perception of your brand.


Is your elevator cab showing signs of wear, or looking a bit out of date? Stanley Elevator can renovate it for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement! Why should you call Stanley Elevator for an elevator cab renovation?

Beautiful aesthetics

If you aren’t satisfied with your elevator cab design, then the previous company didn’t do a great job. It’s time to call a company that will do the job right.

We take great pride in our elevator cab designs. Here are some of the changes we will make:

  • Improve the ambience by adding new LEDs and overhead lights.
  • Furnish your elevator ceiling with an updated design and materials including on trend fused metal or stainless steel tiles.
  • Add painted finishes to your doors, frames and interior panels. You can choose from a wide array of specialty colors such as Windsor mahogany, Smooth Winter White and Biltmore Cherry.

Your customers and employees will be extremely impressed with your new cab by the time we are done.

Fast turnaround time

Your customers and employees depend on your elevator to make their lives easier. You can’t take your elevator out of service for several months for a renovation, so we do the job as quickly as possible. We will put together a carefully thought out design before beginning the actual renovations, which minimizes downtime and inconvenience for your customers and employees.

high energy efficieny

Conserving energy is a top priority for most organizations. We use highly efficient LEDs and lightweight materials, which can significantly reduce energy costs.


Stanley Elevator has been refurbishing elevator cabs throughout New England for over six decades.

If you need an elevator cab renovation, please contact us.

We look forward to creating a beautiful new elevator cab for you.