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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Specifications

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Specs from the Ground Up

Getting the right ThyssenKrupp Elevator specifications for your Boston- or New England-based building project is crucial to ensuring the project is finished on time and on budget, without compromising safety and performance of the elevator system. For over 50 years, architects and builders have relied on the team at Stanley for all their elevator specification needs. You can too.

ThyssenKrupp offers a number of elevator models and systems, from freight elevators to residential elevators and everything in between. The particular elevator specifications will vary not only from system to system, but also from building to building. How much weight will the elevator transport per day? How many passengers are expected to use it? What is the proposed travel distance? These are all important questions to ask in making sure your ThyssenKrupp elevator specifications are accurate for your specific needs.

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