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Servicing Elevators in The Bay State Since 1951

Rhode Island Elevator Repair

Rhode Island Elevator Repair

Don’t Delay Service Repairs

Even the smallest elevator issue can turn into a bigger problem if not taken care of quickly and correctly. Technical issues can lead to operational problems which can cause unwelcome disruptions for you and your customers.

To help you avoid inconvenient service setbacks, the trained technicians at Stanley Elevator specialize in quick repairs for systems under maintenance contracts in Rhode Island and can get you back up and running again in no time.

Elevator Repair Services for Rhode Island

We’ve performed scheduled and emergency repairs for Rhode Island’s commercial and residential elevators since 1951. Our technicians are trained and certified to troubleshoot and repair any elevator system, even if we didn’t install it.

Have an elevator in Rhode Island that needs repairing? Stanley Elevator can get you back up and running with our

24/7/365 Emergency Repairs

An issue with your elevators can happen at any time, which is why we’ll take your call 24/7/365 to get your back up and running quickly.

Extensive Parts Inventory

Our warehouse has an inventory of more than 7,000 part SKU’s and our technicians in Rhode Island are equipped with a mobile inventory of more than 1,200 parts for quick fixes.

Quick Response Times

Our elevator technicians are strategically located all throughout Rhode Island, so we can provide quick attention to your issue.

Skillful Technicians

Our team has spent countless hours training to troubleshoot and repair every possible elevator problem. Whether it’s a hydraulic or traction elevator system, we’ve seen it all in our more than 60 years in operation.

We also understand the ins and outs of the different brands of elevators available throughout Rhode Island, including:

  1. Thyssenkrupp
  2. KONE
  3. Schindler
  4. Pine State
  5. Otis
  6. Fujitec

We stay up to date with every type of system by maintaining close relationships with manufacturers. This equips us with an understanding of how to solve technical problems that other operators may experience.

Elevator Code Expertise

There are strict guidelines when it comes to elevator inspections and safety regulations, and we’re well-versed in all of Rhode Island’s specific standards. Plus, we prioritize staying up to date on changes to make sure your elevators are always repaired properly and will pass their next inspections.

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We can service any commercial or residential elevator system in Rhode Island – even if we didn’t install it.

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Common Signs That You May Need Elevator Repairs

Do any of the following issues sound familiar? If so, you should speak to our experts right away.

Delayed Door Closings

If your elevator doors are taking longer than 2½ to 3 seconds to close, you may need a technician to recalibrate or even replace the door operators.

Declining Motor Performance

Every elevator will experience some type of motor performance issue at one point in the system’s life cycle. Bearings and mechanical connections can break, which can cause the motor to work harder to carry the same loads.

Unnecessarily Long Wait Times

Each manufacturer sets a baseline for elevator wait times. If your elevator is exceeding this time frame, it could be a sign of an issue with the relay or drive system. This should be checked soon to prevent service disruptions.

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Our technicians are close by and ready to service any commercial or residential elevator system in Rhode Island.

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