Elevators are crucial for the daily operation of commercial and office buildings. Whether it’s a multiple story retail building or a commercial high-rise, you need your elevators to be reliable, easy to use and cost efficient.

For over 70 years, Stanley Elevator has worked with office campuses and commercial properties across Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. That’s why we’re trusted as a full service elevator company to meet the unique needs of office buildings, from maximizing traffic flow and uptime to modernizing outdated equipment.

Explore our services and experience the way we treat every customer, every office building and every high-rise elevator installation and modernization as unique. That’s the Stanley Difference.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    We work with your team to determine the best schedule to keep your elevators running. We can even provide weekly or resident mechanics for regular and prompt maintenance and testing.

  • Elevator Modernization

    We plan out the modernization process to provide your elevators with the latest in security, speed, energy efficiency and accessibility for your staff and employees.

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    Elevator Design & Installation

    We install heavy duty equipment and elevator cabs to withstand constant wear and tear and the heaviest traffic. We future-proof with multi-year plans on how we can modernize and service your elevators.

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    Elevator Repair Services

    No matter your repair needs, our technicians are available to provide immediate repair service. Plus, we stock spare parts, extra boards and motors to ensure that all major parts are available as soon as possible.

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    Elevator Inspection Services

    We’re dedicated to ensuring your office and commercial elevators meet all safety and certification standards. We can even tailor our approach to meet your unique safety, compliance and certification needs.

  • Commercial Fixtures and Features

    Trust Stanley to provide the necessary fixtures, features and service considerations:

    • Interfloor traffic design
    • Security card readers & keypads
    • CCTV cameras
Our Process
Whether you need elevator service for a single commercial building or for multiple business campuses, our team is ready to guide you through the entire elevator design and installation process.
We start by touching base with you to determine what your needs and requirements are.
We’ll then set up a site meeting to review your property and what needs to be done.
From there, we estimate, put together and submit a work proposal. We’ll meet with you as necessary.
During the work, we oversee everything from contract submittals to design, fabrication and installation.
Following the turnover of the project, we’ll follow up with you for regular repair, service work and support.
Our experience provides the level of service and support you need.

We’ve helped office buildings and commercial properties across New England develop their own elevator standards, so that anytime we do an installation, repair or modernization, we can be sure there is consistency in every part and continuity between processes. If one elevator goes down, we can quickly source parts, or even transfer parts between elevators to ensure that your most critical equipment is operational.

Contact Stanley’s team of industry experts today to see how we can work with you.

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