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Cab Design

Our goal is to create the best possible user experience with our new elevator installations.

A smooth ride and reliable performance ensure ideal operation, while the car interior design creates an aesthetically pleasing experience for each passenger and improves the overall look and feel of the building. Our standard cab includes a flush wall, plastic laminate design with a suspended ceiling, but nearly every aspect of the cab can be modified to suit your needs. We offer upgraded wall panels, ceilings, fronts, and more in many different finishes.



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Elevator Cab Design Resources
Stanley Elevator has been redesigning elevator cabs for over 60 years!
  • Interior Cab Design
    Our elevator interior design services will turn your outdated elevator into a comfortable environment and add value to your building!
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  • Cab Renovation
    Nothing adds more to the daily experience of a building’s occupants than to undertake a cab renovation complete with remodeling services.
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