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Otis Elevator Specifications

Otis Elevator Specs from the Ground Up

In need of Otis Elevator specification for your building project in Boston, or other locations across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine? Are you an architect trying to decide between an Otis Gen2 elevator or a hydraulic elevator? Still in the planning phase or even already deep into construction? The team at Stanley Elevator can help with all your Otis Elevator spec needs, no matter where you are in the building process.

With more then two million systems in operation worldwide, Otis Elevators are known as some of the most reliable in the business, and can be found everywhere from the Empire State Building in New York to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With over sixty years of experience and expertise, the Stanley Elevator team ensures any building project gets off on the right foot by providing Otis Elevator specifications that are tailored specifically to your—or your architect’s—project.

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