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Commercial Elevator Purifiers & Disinfectants

Products to Help You Maintain Clean, Safe Elevators

Although you may only be in the cab for a few seconds, commercial elevators contain many high-touch areas — call buttons, doors, handrails — that are breeding grounds for germs.

In fact, Infection Control Today states that the level of bacteria on a commercial elevator button is nearly 40x higher than on a public toilet seat. The most common bacteria are E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA, all of which are contagious and can lead to serious illness.

Stanley Elevator is committed to the safety of commercial elevators, and that includes the health of you and your passengers. To help you maintain maximum cleanliness in your buildings, we are proud to partner with CASPR Group — a health technology innovator whose name stands for Clean Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction — to offer continuous disinfectant products designed specifically for elevators.

CASPR 200e Elevator Purifier & Disinfectant

The CASPR 200e is a natural purifier designed for commercial elevators. The small system is installed inside the elevator cab, and eliminates air pollution and illness-causing pathogens on surfaces (like call buttons!).

The safe, discreet and silent technology has a 99.999% kill rate on surfaces and is effective against:

  1. Bacteria
  2. Viruses
  3. Mold
  4. Odors
  5. VOCs

How it Works
CASPR’s continuous disinfectant technology utilizes special UV lighting and a photocatalyst target to create an advanced oxidation process.

CASPR 200e Specifications
Dimensions 10.38″L x 1.25″W x 2.25″H
Weight 1 lbs.
Electrical 100/240 VAC, 12 VDC
Mechanical Up to 200 sq. ft.
Up to 500 m3/h
Maximum Temperature 150º F

The CASPR 200e is manufactured in an EPA-registered facility and is safe to use in occupied spaces well within all regulatory approved levels.

When tested in elevators during a pilot program, CASPR’s technology resulted in:

  1. 95% reduction in aerobic counts taken from air samples in the elevator
  2. 99% reduction in aerobic and fungal counts on the elevator buttons
  3. 92% reduction in aerobic and fungal counts from the elevator floor
  4. 99% reduction in aerobic and fungal counts on the elevator handrail

Disinfect & Purify Your Elevators with the CASPR 200e

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Commercial Elevator Purifiers & Disinfectants FAQs

1) How exactly does the CASPR unit work? 

  1. CASPR’s Natural Catalytic Conversion utilizes a multi-wavelength ultraviolet light to illuminate a target surface. The target surface is a honeycomb matrix treated with a proprietary photocatalytic coating. Together, the technology converts H2O and O2 in the air into safe but effective levels of Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-), Oxygen ions (O2-) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) dispersed throughout the elevator interior, coating all surfaces with highly effective oxidizing molecules that work to reduce the bioburdens of clinically relevant pathogens 24/7.. The CASPR technology produces no ozone.

2) Has the CASPR 200e been tested in elevators?

  1. Yes, we conducted before and after surface and air testing on 10 different elevators determine efficacy. The testing showed similar reductions

3) What size space is this unit rated for? 

  1. This unit is effective in a space up to 200 Square Feet.

4) Will there be any units in stock? 

  1. Yes, Stanley Innovation inventories units and replacement bulbs.

5) Although this was not specifically developed for Covid-19, has there been evidence of it working against it in other countries? 

  1. CASPR has not performed testing with COVID-19, however, the technology proved effective in testing against similar coronaviruses ie: SARS & H1N1.

6) What is the baseline level of what they consider to be a safe air quality environment? 

  1. There are currently no standard guidelines on the amount of these harmful bacteria allowed in the air. However, by reducing the number of bacteria in the air, it can help prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

7) Is there UV degradation over time from the UV Bulbs? 

  1. From our research, it is our understanding is there is some sort of degradation over time. The UV bulbs used typically have a life span of 2 years however, to maintain their effectiveness, we recommend replacing them every year.

8) How is this installed, is there special wiring?

  1. It plugs into a 110 outlet.

9) Can this be installed on any elevator? 

  1. Technically yes, all that is required is a 110 V and GFI outlet for the device to run from.

10) Can I put in the CASPR 200e by myself?

  1. No, we recommend that a licensed elevator mechanic is used to install it.

11) How long does it take to install?

  1. This process should take around 2 hours.

12) Is this a substitute for alternative disinfection methods?

  1. No,  CASPR 200e is ideal for enhancing the existing cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place at your facility.

13) What is the price of the CASPR 200e? 

  1. For small quantities, the units are sold for $800 uninstalled. Please contact us for pricing on large volume orders (more than 100 units).

14) What do I do if I have a faulty unit/bulb?

  1. We offer replacement bulbs and a 1 year warranty on all component parts.

15) What is the minimum/maximum temperature the CASPR 200e can operate at?

  1. The CASPR 200e can operate between 32°F/0°C and 150°F/30°C.

16) Does the CASPR 200e make noise?

  1. No, the CASPR 200e is silent.

17) Does the unit produce ozone?

  1. No, the unit does not produce ozone, which is a harmful compound that may lead to an allergic reaction. This unit does produce small levels of H2O2 but not at a level that’s any different to what you are exposed to in sunlight in the outside world.

18) Is there a smaller unit? 

  1. No, the 200e is the smallest unit currently offered.

18) Does the unit require an ongoing maintenance?

  1. CASPR recommends replacing the bulb annually. The 200e has no moving parts so there is no maintenance other than bulb replacement.