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Elevator Service Case Study: Real Estate Development Company

Ryan Hussey
Written By: Ryan Hussey
Elevator Service Case Study: Real Estate Development Company

A National Leader in Campus Development

As a best-in-class real estate development company with locations across the country, this client specializes in creating innovative, collaborative campuses that serve the booming life science and technology industries.

The company has developed several properties throughout the Greater Boston area, a city that has become a hub for scientific research and new technology. Two of these campuses were in dire need of operational reassessment for their elevator systems.

The first campus is 1.3 million square feet with 32 elevators, and the second is 800,000 square feet with 20 elevators. To maintain the 50+ elevators, the company was partnering with 5 different elevator service companies which presented a range of issues.

Problems with the Previous Provider

With 5 different elevator service companies responsible for their more than 2 million square feet of property, our client was experiencing:

  1. Communication — Keeping track of 5 separate service companies was hard enough; it was even more difficult when none of them kept a set schedule or notified anyone of the work they performed.
  1. Costs — It was also nearly impossible for the client to keep track of where their money was being spent across the 5 different service providers.

“The technicians were charging us whenever they were on campus, which they wouldn’t tell us about,” said the Director of Facilities. “They’d just show up whenever and we’d have no idea until we got a bill.”

  1. Scheduling — Since the client wasn’t always aware of when technicians were on site, understanding the work that was performed and when it was performed was hard to keep up with.

Reaching Their Ultimate Goal: A Single Service Provider

The company knew that, in order to have more predictability in terms of costs and services, they needed to incorporate all of their buildings under one service contract.

Their Director of Facilities was specifically looking for a service provider who could:

  1. Offer rapid response times
  2. Provide a detailed service plan
  3. Repair multiple brands of equipment
  4. Communicate in a timely, consistent manner

Out of the 5 service companies they were already working with, 3 submitted a bid to become their primary service provider. However, none of these companies were willing to work with another manufacturer’s equipment.

Acting on a neighbor’s referral, the Director of Facilities contacted Stanley Elevator and a technician made an initial site visit. After a formal interview and bidding process, Stanley Elevator was officially signed on to maintain the client’s 50+ elevators.

What it’s Like Working with Stanley Elevator

For 12 years, the client has continued to renew their elevator service contract with Stanley Elevator for the 50+ elevators spanning two campuses. Their designated technician performs scheduled site visits twice a month, and there’s always a technician in the area for fast response times in the event of an after-hours issue or emergency.

“We know our technician very well and he checks in frequently,” said the Director of Facilities. “As soon as he arrives on site, he comes into my office and explains everything that he’ll be doing that day.”

Stanley Elevator also conducts quarterly meetings to review service slips as a proactive way to track if equipment is trending poorly, although this hasn’t been an issue since they signed their first contract. The client also uses these service slips — which are conveniently emailed to them — during operational meetings.


For more information about Stanley Elevator’s service capabilities, please contact us.

Ryan Hussey

As VP of Operations for Stanley Elevator, Ryan oversees the field, construction and modernization teams. His resume includes over 10 years of first-hand experience in elevator field service, project management, surveying, estimating and warehouse operations.

Ryan’s role focuses on incorporating new technologies into Stanley Elevator’s operations, while prioritizing the continuous advancement of their elevator maintenance, repairs, modernization and installation services. He also maintains Stanley Elevator’s certifications and relationships with associations, including the Massachusetts Elevator Safety Association (MESA), the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Elevator Contractors of America (ECA).

Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Providence College and is working on an MBA at Babson College.