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The elevator parts you need can be found at Stanley Elevator. We make the effort to remain fully stocked with all of the parts you need. We will remain consistent in providing you with affordable parts that are readily available for whenever. Over time, an elevator will experience the natural signs of aging and use, which can only be resolved with new parts. Our trained technicians promote efficient assistance to you in your time of need by keeping mobile units stocked with the tools and elements necessary to give you the repair and maintenance you need. With a reliable assembly of trained mechanics nearby, you can feel secure in Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

Whether for an emergency situation or for the desire to update you elevator system, we have the parts you will require for a light or thorough overhaul of your lift. Packings, bearings, drivers, cables, cams, selector switches, buffers, valves, clutch, entrance protection devices, signal lamps, door equipment, motor controls, microprocessors, and more are available for whatever you need. Other companies will frequently make you wait for the right parts your specific model needs, but we have the foresight to expect your needs and supply you with a wide range of devices. Our efforts are focused on timely response and affordable materials that will prevent you from worrying about the status of your elevator.

Mobile Units

Available whenever you need them.

We have a staff of highly-trained professionals who can provide you with the exact elevator parts you depend on.

Call Stanley Elevator to find out more about the specific parts your elevator requires and how easily we can supply them.

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