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A Comprehensive Elevator Plan


There’s many design criteria that must be considered when speccing out an elevator installation. That’s why the experts at Stanley Elevator are available to help architects and general contractors understand the number, type and unique specifications of each elevator required for a building, starting with the elevator planning documents.


An elevator plan contains all the relevant details necessary for the inclusion of an elevator into a construction project. An elevator plan drawing contains the layout of the elevator and can be outlined in CAD drawings, BIM models or through written specifications.

Well-designed elevator planning guides will contain all the necessary design criteria for architects and general contractors. In addition, they should be able to provide all other stakeholders with valuable information on the operations, specifications and features of the elevator.

Bottom line, all elevator plans are unique, which is why it’s important to work with a local, independent team of professionals like Stanley Elevator over a manufacturer.


We know that every building and every system is unique. That’s why we utilize a consultative approach with tailored processes that involve working closely with your team to ensure you get exactly what you need. Our comprehensive elevator planning covers all aspects of your project, including:

Travel height/distance Required pit depth Finishes and fixtures
Hoistway configurations Number of stops Seismic provisions
Machine room details Available drive systems Safety regulations
Travel speed Elevator door types State guidelines
Rated capacity Power supply needs


From low-rise to mid-rise to high-rise, we will work with you to determine the best design and technology for your project. No matter the building, we’ll assist in planning a reliable and cost-effective elevator layout that will get the job done.

Low-riseLow-rise to Mid-riseMid-rise to High-rise

Hydraulic Elevators Traction MRL Elevators Traction Elevators
The uncomplicated design of hydraulic elevators use fewer moving parts to lift heavy loads and keep maintenance costs low — all without sacrificing building space or sustainability. The machine room-less design will save leasable space and power through our advanced regenerative drive technology for smooth and effective transportation. With few restrictions on travel height and speeds up to 2,000 feet per minute, these elevators move with precision and speed, while remaining remarkably energy-efficient and reliable.

Interior Design

Customize your cab interiors by choosing signals, fixtures, door types and entrance finishes to create the perfect look for your environment. Select woods, textures, patterns, metals and colors to design a cab that conveys the look and feel of your building.

Or choose from our pre-designed arrangements and finish options to get the look of custom-designed interiors without the custom price tag. Our three-step approach installation keeps your schedule and budget in line while we do all the work.

Quality materials Reliable lighting Energy saving features
Durable, environmentally-safe finishes and wood materials. Low-voltage, energy-saving LED lights are standard. Auto shut-off fans and lights conserve energy.

Door Configuration

We offer a range of entrance options to accommodate your specific elevator layout, from standard height transom arrangements to variable transoms with extended height columns. Our elevator entrance designs can accommodate either drywall or masonry wall construction.

Select from multiple door orientations to fit your elevator planning and installation needs.

One-speed Two-speed Center-opening
The most economical door offering, available with either right- or left-hand opening. Provides a wider opening without compromising door cycling time. Two doors move in the same direction, one sliding faster than the other. Available with either right- or left-hand opening. Permits the quickest entry and exit, improving elevator service while giving an attractive, symmetrical appearance.


An elevator plan is only the beginning, but our team will stand with you at every step of the journey for the entire duration. With locations around the New England area, we provide a range of elevator design, installation, repair, maintenance and consultation services in cities like Boston, Worcester, Providence, Augusta, Bangor, Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester, Portland and more.

Call 1.800.258.1016 today to discuss how we can help your upcoming project.

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