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A Comprehensive Elevator Plan

A 5-Year Capital Plan to Increase ROI

Developing an elevator plan is a crucial first step in any project, whether you’re building to code in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island or elsewhere in New England. The team at Stanley Elevator understands that lead-time is often an issue when it comes to these in depth, comprehensive plans, which is why we implement a fast-track process that ensures the project not only adheres to time constraints, but stays on budget as well.

Our 5-Year Capital Plan was designed to provide value right out of the gate, while increasing ROI as the years go by. We’re more than just consultants; we are partners from day one. Before the construction process even begins, we’ll take care of the initial evaluation and put together a package so the property managers or contracting company can budget for it.

The long-term benefits of partnering with Stanley Elevator also mean 24/7/365 access to preventative maintenance and repair. With our active mobile inventory of over 1,200 parts and over 7,000 part numbers on-site, building managers can rest assured a quick fix is just a phone call away.

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An elevator plan is only the beginning, but our team will stand with you at every step of the journey for the entire duration. From our locations in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire, we provide a range of elevator design, installation, repair, maintenance, and consultation services in cities like Boston, Worcester, Providence, Augusta, Bangor, Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester, Portland, and more. Call 1.800.258.1016 today to learn how our 5-Year Capital Plan can work for you.