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Elevator Shaft Dimensions

How Big Is an Elevator Shaft?

Elevator shaft dimensions vary from state to state, and project to project, across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and other New England areas. While it is obvious to take the elevator’s actual dimensions into account, there are important background questions to consider as well.

Are you designing an office building or an apartment building? How many elevators would a state code require in either case? If you’ll require transport for 15,000 people during the course of a day, how many elevators do you need? Naturally, the hoistway dimensions will differ depending on how many people you expect the elevators to transport in any given day because the elevator size and weight requirements would differ.

Will your building require a security elevator? Would a traction or hydraulic—or even a machine room-less system—be ideal for your particular project? The team at Stanley Elevator excels at answering questions like these and so many more.

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