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Elevator Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting Elevator Malfunctions & Problems

Troubleshooting elevator problems can be difficult considering the sheer number of moving parts involved, as well as the knowledge and experience required to know exactly how all those parts function together. Depending on the size of your building, and the manufacturer of its elevator systems, troubleshooting the root cause of an elevator malfunction can be like diving down a rabbit hole.

Among the more common passenger complaints heard and elevator problems seen by the Stanley Elevator team:

  • Slow wait times: As elevators age and relays wear down, their performance slows and becomes less efficient. An experienced elevator technician will know when to replace relays or when a full-scale replacement is in order.
  • Overheating: Especially during summer, drives and control systems that are not adequately cooled can exceed 100 degrees in temperature, increasing the chances of an elevator breakdown.
  • Sudden Stops or Abrupt Landings: Timing issues, electrical failures, and faulty electronics all make landings more rough than they should be, or travel jerky and shifty. Routine maintenance can virtually eliminate these potential problems.
  • Sensor or Power Failures: Sensor failures and backup generator problems might not only keep elevator doors from opening, but may also prevent the elevator system from operating entirely. Regular elevator inspections are a crucial first step in maintaining the smooth, efficient function of your systems.

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