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Freight Elevator Size

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Looking for a Standard or Custom Elevator Size?

Freight elevator size in Boston or any other New England facility varies, naturally, depending on a number of different factors, such as the maximum capacity, expected frequency of use, and vertical travel distance. Even the type of facility, whether it be an office building, hotel, hospital or school, can have an impact on the size of the elevator.

Freight elevator sizes are also determined by the system’s loading classification. General freight loading, motor vehicle loading, and industrial truck loading all have their own specific requirements regarding capacity and speed. Navigating these requirements is easy with Stanley Elevator at your side.

Our goal is to provide your facility with the most economical, efficient freight elevator operation possible. From the initial consultation, planning, and design—beginning stages of any project—to installation and regular maintenance to ensure a long, safe life for your elevators, our team has the experience and expertise you can count on.

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