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Machine Room-Less Elevators

From the Ground Up, We Have New Hampshire Covered

As leading machine room-less elevator suppliers in the state of New Hampshire, our experience and expertise has earned Stanley Elevator a trusted reputation among companies all across New England for over sixty years. From project planning to modernization and maintenance, we have more mobile response units on the road, carrying more parts, than any other elevator service providers around.

Recent advances in technology make machine room-less elevators (also known as MRLs) an ideal choice of system for low- to mid-rise buildings because the hydraulic lift mechanisms are located in the elevator’s hoistway, thus eliminating the need for a machine room, and maximizing available square footage in the building. These advanced systems also allow greater flexibility in terms of speed and load capacity, not to mention configuration.

For over sixty years, Stanley Elevator has developed a reputation as one of New England’s most trusted and experienced elevator companies because of our thorough, hands-on approach during every step of any project. Our team works with architects and builders to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. But we don’t stop at the consultation—once your elevator is installed, our team can provide regular maintenance to avoid costly repair or accidents. In short, we invest in the long-term operation of your systems by offering quality of service you will find nowhere else.

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