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TKE Machine Room-Less Elevator

The Leading Hydraulic MRL Elevator from New Hampshire’s Leading Supplier

The Thyssenkrupp hydraulic machine room-less elevator (MRL) is a groundbreaking system for low-rise buildings in New Hampshire. With fewer moving parts, an uncomplicated design, and—most importantly—an operational system located in the elevator’s hoistway rather than a separate, dedicated machine room, this MRL not only maximizes available square footage, but also lowers the cost of maintaining the entire system.

Often consuming 30% to 80% less power than traditional elevators, and saving building owners the ongoing cost of maintaining a second room full of machinery, installing an MRL elevator ensures owners an ROI that will continue to reap benefits throughout the life of the system.

Facilities all across New Hampshire, and New England in general, rely on our expertise and experience. With Stanley Elevator and Thyssenkrupp in your corner, you’ll receive only the greatest attention to service with the highest quality parts available.

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