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Traction Elevator Repairs

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Enhance the Safety & Operation of Your Cable Elevator System

Traction elevator repairs are detailed and crucial services that ensure not only the operation of your system, but also its safety. From Boston and the state of Massachusetts to Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, facility managers rely on Stanley Elevator for both scheduled and emergency services on a 24/7/365 basis.

Traction—or cable—elevator systems are made up of numerous parts that are susceptible to wear and tear over time. Geared traction elevators in particular take a beating due to the great amount of friction and grinding of gears during operation. Much like a car engine, when the bearings and gears deteriorate beyond repair, they must be replaced. Motors, brake assemblies, guide shoes and buffers also tend to wear down, creating safety and operational hazards that can cause property damage as well as personal injury.

Your elevator repair company should have the expertise and experience to know when parts or systems require simple maintenance, repair or replacement. Stanley Elevator is that team.

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Our cable and traction elevator repairs are performed by highly trained industry professionals dedicated to doing the job right the first time. With mobile response teams that carry over 1,200 parts and a warehouse inventory holding over 7,000 part numbers, we have the solutions you need. Call 1.800.258.1016 or contact us.