Elevator Testing

The Importance of Scheduling an Elevator Test or Inspection in Advance

Regular elevator testing, along with annual inspections of the systems in your Boston-based facility or buildings across New England areas including Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester, Portland, and beyond, is a crucial service. Not only can an elevator test help minimize costly code violations; it can also help avoid expensive downtime or accidents causing injury or worse.

Unfortunately, elevator testing and elevator inspections sometimes go overlooked. In a 2014 audit of Massachusetts elevators, for example, the Department of Public Safety found that between 25% to 33% of buildings in the state had not had their annual elevator inspection. And many of those elevator owners who had applied for the inspection and paid the fee got stuck in a backlog that prevented the possibility of an inspection being completed on time.

How Can Stanley Elevator Help?

Many government-funded agencies are understaffed, lacking the number of inspectors required to keep up with such backlog and demand. With a greater number of rapid response vehicles on the road than other elevator service companies in the region, and over 60 years experience providing trusted elevator testing, inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement services, Stanley Elevator is the team New England relies on.

Schedule You Elevator Testing Services Today!

Elevator testing procedures may differ depending on the size of your building, the type of system (such as freight elevators as opposed to passenger elevators), how many passengers your systems transport, and much more. In Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine, call (800) 258-1016 today to schedule an elevator inspection, testing, or simply to learn how we can help optimize the efficiency of your systems.