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Freight Elevator Dimensions

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Get Your Calculations Right the First Time

Planning freight elevator dimensions for Boston buildings, or those in any Massachusetts city, for that matter, can be a headache. And it can be an expensive headache if even one of those numbers turns out to be wrong. Not only could it put contractors over budget, but a small mathematical mistake can also condemn any project to going way past deadline.

Contractors, architects, and builders across New England rely on Stanley Elevator for thorough, expert consultation, as well as all-in-one design, installation, and maintenance services. We don’t simply give you the numbers and wish you luck. We invest in your project as if it were our own, providing over sixty years of experience to ensure you come in on budget and on time.

While there are common capacities and sizes for freight elevators, a number of custom options are also available. We can help determine the precise dimensions for your system based on the method of loading (Freight Classification), size and type of load, vertical travel distance, load weight movement per hour, type of industry or building, and more.

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